After interrogating the captured cultist the heroes visit Shaila and ask her to translate the journal they recovered from the sawmill. Then they visited the Irespan to spoke to a man known as Fenster.

Fenster’s shack was the destination of one of the ravens found in the sawmill. Fenster told the heroes that the raven would deliver letters to Natalya, a woman who used to reside with him.

The heroes tracked down Natalya to her decrepit house, where her gang ambushed them. Halfway through the fight a gargoyle-like creature came crashing through the roof, and an old foe appeared by its side – Tsuto. The battle raged on and the heroes barely survived, but managed to capture Natalya and Tsuto.

After questioning the two they discovered Natalya was a small-time criminal who carried out kidnapping missions on behalf of the Skinsaw Men. Tsuto meanwhile claimed he had never been sent to prison, but was instead provided an opportunity for revenge if he cooperated. The heroes summarily executed him.