Race Human
Class Fighter
Level 2
Other attributes

A down on his luck warrior.

Character Sheet.


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Belor has always been a simple man, growing up on a farm just outside of Magnimar. An orphan, he was raised by a loving couple who were never able to have children of their own, well cared for and much loved especially by his (adopted) father Marron. Belor never knew his real parents and quite frankly doesn’t want too, Belor always does and always will consider his adopted parents his own and a has a fierce loyalty towards them. He evens jokes that his father and mother Leieth are actually his real parents and as punishment when he burnt down the farm they told him the truth about his bloodline.

Belor still lives with his parents and helps out at the farm but seems to be spending more and more of his time in the city gambling, and drinking and looking for a quick coin. He has several ‘shady contacts’ at the docks and has an ear to the ground of the city and generally knows what’s going on in most of the albeit small underworld.  Not pious but he does worship the “gambling” god for obvious reasons but overall the gods never sat well with him something he has picked up from his father.

Belor has always been quick to laugh easy to forgive and quite relaxed 

Money driven not only for personal gain but for his parents who he feels are getting too old now to run the farm and the thought of taking over from his parents does not sit well with Belor so he feels like must get his big ‘score’ soon to set up his parents and dodge the responsibility of the farm.